Clementes Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Serving the state of California since 1999. We specialize in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, finished inside houses, Bathroom vanities, closets, islands, fireplaces, etc ...

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Custom Design

You need help with renovating your kitchen? we are the first company for custom cabinets in Los Angeles California.

Deluxe Finished

We deliver pre-finished work to install, made in Our Business in Los Angeles California, and they are all solid wood.

Computer Design

We design projects using Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) programs, so you are able to preview the work to be done.


Kitchen Cabinets

Handcrafted in Los Angeles California

Secured Payment

Now you can make secured payments in Person


Call us, we do free Estimates:
Cell: (310) 667 - 0394.
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