Who We Are

Clemente's Custom Cabinets, serving the state of California since 1999. We specialize in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, finished inside houses, Bathroom vanities, closets, islands, fireplaces, etc ... The founder of this company, Fermin Clemente, from a very young age, he began to devote himself to the manufacture of beds, later in high school, he chose to study carpentry theory first, then he started to work in a company manufacturing kitchen cabinets.
Is interesting to see how people make business in life, Fermin Clemente learned this craft at a technical school in the country of Mexico in 1984, where he earned a diploma or certificate in carpentry, even got certificates of recognition because they made competencies with students from other schools.

Years later traveled to the United States, where He began working as a clerk in a company in the City of El Segundo, performing the work of manufacture and installation of Cabinets, and after that decided to start his own business, with the vision to grow, and also offer his products. Our company's desire is to serve the customers the best possible within the projects, and in our graphic designs, so that the client can look first before starting any project kitchen cabinet, so agreeing both, we start to cut the materials.